Phone Interview Do’s and Don’ts

phone interview

Phone Interview Do’s and Don’ts

While your job searching, it’s important to be prepared for a phone interview on a moment’s notice. Phone interviews are used by hiring managers as a tool for screening candidates for employment. After you have submitted a mailed or online application for a job, you may receive an email from the employer asking that you schedule a time with them for an initial phone interview. The following is a helpful guide to make sure your next phone interview is flawless.

Don’ts During a Phone Interview
Don’t Wait to Call In- call in two minutes before the scheduled interview time. This way the employer isn’t having to wait around.

Don’t wait until the last second to get your things together. Make sure you have about thirty minutes prior to the interview to check your information like a cover letter and resume.

Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat or drink during the phone interview. You want to respond quickly and clearly.

Don’t interrupt the interviewer- that would be rude and hurt your interview.

Don’t Take the Call in a Public Place- Make time for your interview. Only agree to take the call during a time and date in which you can sit down and focus in a quiet space. Taking the call in a coffee shop or while on-the-go is not a good move. You and your potential employer will be distracted.

Don’t Talk to Much- Whether your rambling is adding value to the conversation is irrelevant; at a certain point, your interviewer will stop paying attention, will perceive you as someone who lacks the ability to listen well, and might get annoyed as you chop away time for other, more important questions and answers. Keep it short and strong.

Don’t Multitask- During your interview, don’t be making (or drinking) coffee, have the TV on in the background, eat lunch, have your Facebook feed open, et cetera. In fact, you shouldn’t be browsing the Internet at all. While it can be helpful to have a browser open in case you need to look up a quick fact, ideally you should limit it to one window and have your resume and cover letter printed out.

Don’t Take the Call on Speaker Phone- It’s not a good idea to take the call on speaker phone. Though it might appear to help you take notes or be able to look at your resume, taking a call on speaker phone can make it difficult for your interviewer to hear you. Don’t risk the chance of being misunderstood, or losing a key answer to static.

Do During a Phone Interview

Do keep a glass of water handy, in case you need to wet your mouth.

Do smile. Smiling will project a positive image to the listener and will change the tone of your voice. It can also be helpful to stand during the interview, since this typically gives your voice more energy and enthusiasm.

Do speak slowly and communicate clearly. Articulating is key.

Do use the person’s title (Mr. or Ms. and their last name.) Only use their first name if they ask you to.

Do take your time — it’s perfectly acceptable to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts.

Do take notes when possible on what questions came up. Make sure you have a pen and paper. if at any time you discuss takeaways (send a portfolio, connect on LinkedIn) points that you think you should have on hand during a later point, or questions that come up, be sure you write them down so they don’t end up slipping your mind.

Do remember your goal is to set up a face-to-face interview. At the end of your conversation, after you thank the interviewer, ask if it would be possible to meet in person.

Phone interviews are important, The Recruiting Specialist are here to help you if you have any further questions.

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