Find Your Dream Job

Find Your Dream Job

What are you going to do with your life? This isn’t a question you will asked just once, in fact you will be asked this throughout your professional years. What is your dream job? How do you know if your career is right for you? With so many options and directions, how do you know which path is right for you? Finding the ideal career is no easy task, but it is not a fantasy either.

Read over this advice for finding a career you love!

Figure out your strengths
Knowing what you excel at will help you discover your dream job. It’s much easier to love a job that you are good at. Write down your strengths, it will help you discover more about yourself. There are quizzes online and books that will help you determine your strengths.

Think about your past
What did you love or dislike about your past jobs? Did you enjoy the building? What did you like about the company? What do you never want to do again? When were you happiest? Most challenged?
These answers will help you narrow down your search on your future job. You can change what job you do, but it would be helpful to analyze your past jobs to decide what you want to be doing in the future. This will give you a better idea of what will make you happy.

Try something new
Take some classes, attend workshops, watch YouTube videos, read a book, discover what you are passionate about. A new hobby could land your future dream job. Find something that is going to make work fun for you.

Be realistic about your financial needs, but realize that with passions money will often come.
It is possible to take a job that isn’t your passion while you are searching for one that is. If It is your dream to start up a business, work a couple years until you have money saved up to start your dream.

Do what will make you happy
Think of something that you would do for fun or for free, then turn it into a job! Do you love cars? Become a mechanic. Love writing? Write blogs, books, or content for an agency. Love movies? Take a film class, start making movies. The point is there are so many jobs out there that you can squeeze your passion into!

Be patient.
It might take a couple years to make your dream job a reality. But stay focused and stay sharp. You want to be happy, do everything you can to reach your goals.

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