Safety Tips To Follow In The Workplace

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Safety Tips To Follow In The Workplace

Tulsa staffing agency, TRS, knows that a safe workplace is the best kind of workplace. Junie Lou Rutkevich, a writer with Lifehack, has outlined the NINE tips to follow to ensure that your workplace stays safe.

Use pads and engineering solutions

Rather than depending on PPE (personal protective equipment), use pads and engineering solutions whenever possible. PPE is difficult to put on and uncomfortable to work with. Try to avoid exposure, to begin with. Give your employees the freedom to select the safety gear that they are comfortable wearing which will also adhere to the PPE’s requirements. Your employees are going to be a lot more productive when they are comfortable.

Give the employees the freedom to work securely

Many safety incentive programs appeared to be written under an assumption that employees like to get hurt and you’ve got to bribe them. For those who have that idea, then these pointers aren’t for you. They are for companies looking to improve real safety while trying not to lose efficiency.

Give obvious and clear work instructions

Make certain the employees know the proper way to do things and that you will expect them to follow it. Don’t just provide them with a list of things to avoid. Include safety tips in most procedures you write. You can also provide walkie-talkies so you can communicate to them and they can communicate with you should the need arise.

Don’t obsess over the worst situations

Concentrate on what is probably to happen. Begin by focusing your time on stopping the most typical occurrences. Which means you’ll have to keep a precise OSHA incident log with a manager who is accountable.

Love your workers and employees

Don’t confuse this with something which might get you a sexual harassment claim, or giving them expensive equipment so they play ping pong or puzzle games all day. I am talking about a real concern for the employees’ overall well-being. Use clear communication to inform them of what they need to do. If your machine has become unsafe to work on, shut it down before someone will get hurt.

Spend some time dealing with how employees are performing

Take a look at what individuals are really doing and compare it to designed-in methods. When the methods aren’t the same as the particular practice, discover why and help them enhance their performance by giving tips and trick to make the work done nicely and properly.

Keep up with the machinery in good working condition

Your employees enter harmful situations every day, especially when it comes to fixing a piece of defective equipment or installing something new. Remind them always to completely shut down the equipment or completely unplug it before disassembling or doing anything inside a machine. Also, placing a powerful preventive maintenance poster creates a powerful safety program.

Avoid unnecessary hazards

Search for new materials or equipment that may get rid of hazards your employees are unaware of. Keep an open suggestion box for employees who notice hazards to bring them to attention. Always have procedures in place for dealing with potentially hazardous situations, and spills.

Always keep a clean workshop

Potential exposures to hazardous material or injury could be significantly reduced by simply keeping the job area clean. Worker’s productivity and efficiency are likewise improved. You won’t just remove hazards from the workshop by keeping it clean. Additionally, you will give a more productive work atmosphere for the employees.

What are your favorite safety tips? Share them in the comments section for the readers of Tulsa staffing agency’s ongoing blog.

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