Millennials and Job Hopping


Millennials and Job Hopping

While changing jobs too often has long been viewed as a negative trait among job seekers, according to a recent Gallup poll, 21% of millennials say that they have changed jobs within the last year and 60% of millennials are open to hearing about new employment opportunities. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Let’s evaluate.

Why would millennials be so apt to change jobs frequently? Culture is king and when there is a culture mismatch, millennials are willing to make a move sooner rather than later. Their counterpart, the Baby Boomer, is more willing to stay where they aren’t comfortable. Additionally, engagement is critical. Without employees feeling connected to their role they are more likely to find what they may consider a better fit. When millennials are “checked out” they are more open to being courted by other companies. A shocking 87% of employees are no longer engaged at their workplace. According to USA Today, Millennials will choose happiness over pay and are looking for meaningfulness over money which goes back to being engaged in their company culture.

Per CNBC, job hopping, when done correctly, can help one’s career. Changing jobs more frequently is viewed as climbing the rungs of the career ladder. When moving from one job to the next, you can expand your professional network and skill set. A recent PayScale report shows that millennials are staying a mere two years in a role while baby boomers stay an average of 7 years.

The conclusion is that, changing employers often, isn’t viewed as negatively as it maybe once was. Young adults are more ambitious than ever and sometimes moving from one job to the next is the only way they can advance in their career.

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